The Broken Crate BBQ

So, you're probably thinking -- what on earth does BBQ have to do with a fruit and vegetable farm?  Well, here's the thing - Kevin has a secret passion that few know about!  He enjoys messing up the family kitchen! (Ha! Ha!)  But in so doing, he makes a pretty mean pulled pork sandwich and an equally good beef brisket.  One day soon, he hopes to have his own smoker and travel around making meat for other folks' picnics, reunions, and parties.  He intends to refer to his side business as, The Broken Crate BBQ.  Until then, his family and friends get to taste test while he tweaks his recipes. 

The key to all his meat dishes is the signature herb and spice rub that he has developed.  Through trial and error, he has found a tasty mix of just the right ingredients to enhance the flavor of pork, beef, poultry,  and seafood.  Simply called EVERYTHING! Spice  Rub, the rub mixture is 100% natural.  No chemical additives or preservatives have been added so that we can feel good about what we are eating and about what we are sharing with our friends and family. 

Note:  EVERYTHING! Spice Rub is not a salt-free product.


Want to give Kevin's EVERYTHING! Spice Rub a try?  Send us a message via our Contact Page or visit one of our market stands.  Cost per 2.4 oz. bottle - $8.00

Shrimp in White Wine Sauce


1 cup White Wine

1 stick unsalted Butter (no substitutes)

2 tablespoons EVERTHING! Spice Rub

2 lb. shrimp (any size you prefer

Melt butter in saute pan.  Add white wine and rub; mix and bring to a boil.  Add shrimp and saute until cooked (light pink in color).  Enjoy over your favorite cooked pasta!!